The 2020 election is one of the most pivotal elections in modern history. Voting in the 2020 election is an act of faith and shows that we care deeply about our neighbors and community. This election will impact life-sustaining resources, programs, and representation and we must ensure that our voices are heard. Together we can ensure our communities make a voter plan and vote in the 2020 election on November 3rd. Amid the COVID-19 ciris, there are new challenges that our nation faces and it’s critical that the faith community remains committed to vote equality and work to mobilize others to vote.

Important Dates

  • National Voter Registration Day & National Poll Worker recruitment day: September 22

  • Presidential Debates: September 29, October 15, October 22

  • Vice Presidential Debate: October 7

  • GOTV Week: October 26-30

  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 3rd

Voter Reg and Ballot Info

As people of faith, we believe in the divinely given dignity of every person. When we participate in the election process and encourage our neighbors to do so too, we declare that we are part of “we the people” and refuse to be excluded from political representation all people deserve. In order to participate in the 2020 Presidential election we must encourage our communities to register to vote and cast their ballots.

Register to Vote

  • Unsure if you’re registered? Check your status here.

  • Register online by visiting and completing the voter registration form for your state. The site walks you through the process depending on your state’s rules and you can sign up for alerts to track progress and get updates about your election.

  • You can also Download the National Mail Voter Registration Form. You can fill it out onscreen and print the completed form, or print the blank form and fill it out by hand. Remember to sign the form before mailing it to the location listed for your state.

  • If you’re considering an in-person registration drive, be sure you make it safe by taking precautions for COVID-19.

Casting Your Ballot

There are multiple ways in which you can cast your ballot in the Presidential election through requesting a mail ballot, submitting an absentee ballot or participating in In-person voting.

Vote by Mail/Absentee ballot
Voting by mail allows registered voters to vote safely from your home instead of going to a polling place. Mail-in ballots also known as absentee ballots, are sent to you by your local election official office. Request a mail-in ballot/absentee ballot as soon as possible at When you receive your mail-in ballot it will include directions and an envelope to return. It's important to follow the directions closely and be sure to check and see if your state requires a signature on the back of your ballot. Check your local deadlines to make sure your ballot will be counted. If you cannot mail your ballot, you may be able utilize a ballot drop-off station.

Early Voting and In-Person Voting
When choosing to vote in-person please be sure to follow the guidelines and precautions for COVID-19; we must ensure that everyone has access to a safe election process. Arrive at the polls early, wear your face mask, bring your hand sanitizer, and maybe even a snack as you wait to cast your vote. There is also the option to vote early as well and it is important to ensure your safety and the safety of your neighbors. Check to see if early voting is available in your state and find your polling place.

Get Out the Vote

Get out the Vote in Your Faith Community! It’s time to get your community engaged and ready to vote! There are many ways you can spread information about the 2020 election. The election is just around the corner, so it’s very important to start planning as early as possible. Below are some examples of how you can spread the word.

1. Pledge to be a Faithful Voter Show your commitment to voting by taking the pledge. Then recruit 5 friends to take the pledge and recruit 5 of their friends!

2. Host a Faithful Voter Service Integrate voting into worship through preaching about dignity and justice, the importance of making our voices heard, and what’s at stake for your community.

3. Join Trainings and Webinars Learn the best techniques and latest voting resources by joining trainings and webinars. Invite community members to join too. Share what you learn by hosting your own training.

4. Make a Voter Plan The best way to be prepared to vote is by making a plan. Encourage everyone to plan ahead and know how, when, and where they will vote.

5. Create a Community Relational Voting Plan Reach more people through a relational voting plan by planning actions that encourage friends and family to be involved too. Create a chain reaction of action!

Talking Points

We invite you to use these talking points as a guide while you address your congregation or community in a presentation, speech, or sermon in order to create dialogue and bring awareness to each person’s vital role in the presidential election.

The Impact and Our Reach | The 2020 Election is an issue that impacts all of us. Voting is the very foundation of representative democracy. By ensuring people a voice in their government, the right to vote promotes human flourishing and provides an essential safeguard against tyranny. As people of faith we have the unique opportunity to help people understand the importance of voting in the 2020 election, both for their families and community.

What’s at stake | While every election is important, 2020 is a defining crossroads on our nation’s moral journey. As voters of faith, we must vote our values and help others vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We face a clear choice between dignity and cruelty, healing and exploitation, right and wrong. Bigotry is on the ballot, our nation is hurting, and democracy hangs in the balance.

Inaction Enables Bigotry | Our vote is our say in whether dignity or bigotry will be the guiding principle of this nation. As we work to contain COVID, rebuild the economy and reckon with racism, people of faith must vote our values of community and dignity, equality and love of neighbor. People’s lives are at stake, and the choice is clear. We have to vote, and work to help others vote safely. Inaction only enables bigotry.

Protecting our Democracy | Our vote is a sacred right. It is our direct say in how we are governed. We all deserve a say in the decisions that affect us. That’s the foundation of democracy. It’s a matter of dignity and justice.

Protecting our Health | No one should have to risk their health to cast their vote. This is a moral issue. But COVID-19 and the long-standing problem of inadequate access to polling places -- which deliberately targets Black and Brown communities -- threaten the right to vote safely. We must make it easier and safer to vote by protecting everyone’s access to easy early voting, vote-by-mail, and convenient polling places that aren’t overcrowded and understaffed. Voter suppression is wrong and racist, and we cannot accept it.

Bring Voting to Worship

The 2020 election will determine the fate of our democracy and as people of faith we must find innovative ways to show up, faithfully, and with purpose. Integrating voting information on how to register to vote and make a voter plan for your congregation within the worship service encourages more voter participation, and ensures that we have leadership founded in dignity, peace, faith, and respect of all people.

Voter Sermon Guide

During worship services, faith leaders have the opportunity to amplify messaging around voting rights, voter protection, registration and the election process. There are many ways to share this information through a sermon. We encourage you to connect to relevant scripture, faith values and themes of dignity and community,include a prayer for a faithful election process and encourage voter registration, making a voter plan and voting in the 2020 election--early as possible.Here are some sermon starters to share during your virtual services:

LET MY PEOPLE VOTE | GOTV | Scripture: Exodus 3:7-15
Sermon Excerpt: You and I must lead our people to freedom from the atrocities of the Pharaoh’s of our time. We must hold high the banner of passion and compassion and proclaim with a prophetic voice, let my people go, LET MY PEOPLE VOTE!
A Prayer for Our Nation’s Election

TAKE IT TO THE ALTAR | Ballot Bot |Genesis 17:6-8, 15-22 18:9-15 21:1-8 22:1-14
Sermon Excerpt: We are living in a time where the heart of our country is breaking and the soul of our nation is hurting. History has shown us time and time again, it is these times where the church rises to its purpose.I believe that when, we the people of God sacrifice, we create our NOW moment! We can restore the soul of our nation and we can proclaim the promises as Abraham's seed on November 3rd!
A Prayer for All Voters

I AM THE ONE| Social Justice| Matthew 18:10-14, Matthew 12:15-21
Sermon Excerpt: We live in a world in which having power is seen as being of the utmost importance. We are the “one” in the movement, we are the “one” struggling to protect our families and our loved ones, we are “one” that Jesus left the ninety-nine for. And We are the ones to change this world through voting!
A Prayer for Inspiration and Courage